Well, the Surrendercrats have done it again. By a vote of 223-201 in favor of the measure, the House of Representatives called for troop withdrawal from Iraq by Spring 2008. If the House gets its way, troops will begin leaving Iraq in 120 days and be completed by April 1, 2008. It seems the House of Representatives knows better than the Commander-in-Chief and General David Petraeus when we should deploy or redeploy the troops.

Americans were absolutely phenomenal on the immigration fight and we need to respond the same way on this troop withdrawal issue. We cannot have politicians dictating how the military conducts war. As President Bush stated, “I don’t think Congress ought to be running the war. I think they ought to be funding the troops.”

Let’s get to work and let Congress know we will not stand for them playing politics with our troops all the while emboldening the enemy.

Please see how your representative voted and either thank or spank him or her depending on his or her vote. If we are truly going to support the troops and “never again” treat our troops the way we did our Vietnam Vets, then we must let them know we will hold them responsible for the back-stabbing of our troops. The vote was pretty much along party lines except for four renegade Republicans, and the new inductees into the Hall of Shame are, drumroll please: John J. Duncan, Jr of Tennessee’s 2nd District; Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri’s 8th District; Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland’s 1st District; and Walter B. Jones of North Carolina’s 3rd District.

If there is any doubt that the Left is trying “to destroy our military and lose the war on terror,” then you need to read Buzz Patterson’s newest book War Crimes: The Left’s Campaign To Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror. Buzz used part of Eddie’s article Hope Rides Alone in his book and he was kind enough to send Eddie and me personalized copies. I’ve read the first 40 pages and I can tell you, the Left ain’t gonna be happy with Buzz!

All of you need to buy this book immediately, and get a copy for your wishy-washy friends, maybe even the lovable leftie in your family. If you’re feeling real generous, send a copy to your US Representative and/or Senator for him or her to read. If any anti-war, anti-military, and just about every congressional Demo(Surrender)crat can hold their head up high after reading this book, well then, we will know their true colors. This book is a much needed boost in my morale after all the media bashing our troops have taken. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally see someone put the Left on notice.

We cannot allow Congress to play politics with our troops and embolden our enemy. You will never hear about the success of the surge in the mainstream media because they are not about to give President Bush any credit. You will have to go to alternative sources, like, oh let’s say, the military! The dirty little secret is the Surrendercrats are trying to stop the surge immediately because they already know that it is succeeding and they’re watching their hopes of regaining the White House going down the drain. That’s right, they would willingly play politics with our troops and the war on terror all for the sake of power. Now if there was ever a good reason to question Democrats’ patriotism, that is one!

America needs to wake up and understand what is going on in Washington; many of you did with the immigration fight. Please don’t go back to sleep; our troops are counting on you.