The only sure bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over the government. (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

You may be wondering why I would quote someone with very liberal social views; it’s because FDR is considered by Democrats as one of the greatest presidents. While I agree he was a great war president, his social programs set us on the disastrous entitlement mentality our country now suffers.

Nevertheless, FDR understood the importance of Americans citizens maintaining control over government. I believe FDR would be proud of we the people today after we moved the Senate to kill the amnesty bill. I will admit I was not confident that enough Senators would listen to their constituents, but they did and I’m glad I was wrong.

So what’s next? Well in my state there is already a recall petition floating around to fire Senator Mel Martinez (R-Fl) who was a co-sponsor of this bill. Now I do not know if we can even recall a US Senator in Florida, but the backlash is already starting.

I, for one, am in favor of both of our US Senators here in Florida becoming unemployed, and the sooner the better. We also need to run all of these Republicans who got squishy on immigration and have been squishy to the unemployment office.

Democrats and liberals are hoping that this will split the Republican Party. Many of you were ready to quit the Republican Party if this legislation passed. That is exactly what the Democrats were counting on. Instead, I propose we take this momentum and the activism that arose from the anger and we channel that into reclaiming our party back to the Goldwater/Reagan conservatism that made our party great in the 80’s.

Our work has just begun, and stay tuned for the announcement next week of Fred Thompson’s candidacy. This momentum can be capitalized by the Thompson camp if they play this smart because Thompson has been speaking of how Washington is so out of touch with the rest of America and it was seen by all on this immigration fight.