There is much swirling around the Internet about President-elect Bararck Obama’s birth certificate. Contrary to what his official website and would have Americans believe, Barack Obama has never furnished the actual copy of his birth certificate.

That leaves only one question: why not?

Why would the President-elect of the United States do every thing in his power, including all legal avenues, to ensure his original, long form birth certificate is not released? Why?

Most of you are probably already familiar with Philip Berg’s case before the Supreme Court, including the Writ of Certiorari that Senator Obama has been given until December 1st in which to respond.

I want to give a hat tip to Jim McGovern for sending another court case that is ongoing in Hawaii, one that has been filed by Andy Martin.

Something important about what Mr. Martin writes in his press release:

Unlike other lawsuits involving Obama, mine is narrowly and specifically focused on access to the original, typewritten 1961 certificate which Hawai’i officials have confirmed they possess. There is no way anyone can express an opinion on the circumstances of Obama’s birth without seeing the vital gateway document.

Not only are these two lawyers working to see President-elect Obama’s birth certificate, but so is American Independent Party candidate Alan Keyes and his running mate Wiley Drake. I’ve appeared numerous times on Brother Wiley’s radio show and Dr. Keyes’ and Brother Wiley’s suit in California is just adding more pressure on Obama to release his original birth certificate.

For the many voters who believe that Barack Obama, along with, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and others who say the actual certificate has been released need to watch the video below that describes the many discrepancies on this “official” document that Barack Obama still has on his website. The two most telling are how his father’s race is listed as “African” and the date filed by registrar, which is on the same day Barack was born.


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