(Hat tip to Felicia Benamon for this)

One of the greatest ways to judge a person’s character is how he or she manages his or her time. Things that are important to that person will always get top billing while others not so important, while albeit “regretably” not being done, will be tossed to the side.

Apparently the National Anthem falls in that category for the Obama campaign. It is not only sad that the Obama campaign tossed aside the National Anthem, but they also tossed aside a seventeen year old boy’s dream of singing the National Anthem for a candidate that he probably was supporting.

Londonderry Teen Left Out Of Obama Rally

Be sure you watch the video at this link also!

The Obama campaign is running an ad up here in NW Florida where he talks about being worried about the working people and that he will be thinking about them every day that he is in the White House.

Deeds not just words.


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