Read Palin’s Failin’ and then please return to this post:

This is as pathetic as anything I’ve seen Peggy Noonan write. I used to greatly admire her work; I still do her old stuff. Her biography on Reagan “When Character Was King” is her seminal work. However, from her and the rest of the northeastern conservative elites with their hidden resentment of us folks who drop their “g’s” when we talk is castigated not because we don’t like caviar or sip champagne, it’s because we don’t speak like adults in public.

It is the Peggy Noonan’s, Fred Barnes’, Bill Kristol’s, and the other Beltway to Big Apple Rockefeller Republicans that make guys like me think they only want our votes and not our voice. If the Republican Party does not go back to its roots and reform itself from within in the next four years, it will be in a state to where we will no longer recognize it.

Peggy Noonan’s failure to recognize Sarah Palin’s magnetism to grass roots conservatives shows that she has long lost touch to what made Reagan magic to the masses. When I listened to Ronald Reagan speak, I connected with him, long before he became president. He was my governor when I was a young boy and although I didn’t know it then, I connected with him even back then because he made me feel comfortable. So does Sarah Palin. Rarely has Peggy Noonan or Fred Barnes or Bill Kristol or Charles Krauthammer. Granted I do not know these people but I don’t feel a connection to them.

This is a symptom of a malaise within the conservative movement that in my estimation is more serious than most people have diagnosed. If it is not treated it will destroy the modern conservative movement.

Standby in the next coming days as I share what I believe are the necessary treatments.


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