Okay, so vacation is over and I’m ready to spend the next 39 days doing the political equivalent of battle royale. As my friend JB Williams describes them, the left-wing lamestream press is constitutionally negligent of their civic duty to investigate and hold accountable those who seek our highest office. That’s okay because we have the new media, led by the New Media Journal, and great writers such as JB. Please read his latest piece titled “Guilt by Association?” at the NMJ. While you’re there read his last piece titled “A Congressional Rich White Guy Caucus?” For those of you locally here in the Florida Panhandle who enjoy JB’s work you missed one great speech from him last Saturday night at Eddie’s banquet.

Speaking of great writers of NMJ and someone who spoke at the banquet, Florida Panhandle’s very own Lance Fairchok has a blistering piece on NMJ titled “The Media & Race: Getting It Wrong” and Lance exposes the overused and misused term “racism.” Here’s an excerpt:

The word is a weapon, a bludgeon to silence dissent in the PC gulag and it has been successful for many decades, intimidating those who would point out the hypocrisy, corruption and racism of those who profit from it. Americans of African decent have been the target of this effort as much if not more than whites, it has sapped their entrepreneurial energy, destroyed their work ethic and encouraged the victimhood that keeps large minority populations in thrall to handouts they have come to expect and the promises of liberal and leftist politicians that seldom come true.

While we are speaking of the NMJ and speakers who came to Eddie’s banquet, none other than the Managing Editor and Founder of the New Media Journal Frank Salvato gave a rousing speech that could have been titled “I Am Angry!” Frank’s latest editorial on NMJ is titled “McCain or Obama? How About This Referendum…” and Frank challenges voters “let’s send a message to the golden chairs of the mainstream media, to the Olbermanns, the Matthews, the Courics, the Gibsons and the Williams. Let’s tell the Wolf Blitzers and Campbell Browns, the Frank Richs and the Maureen Dowds that their time at the helm is over, that their influence exists only in the smallest corners of their own bloated egos.”

That ought to be enough to get your blood boiling and see your need to be a part of the political process, and not just on November 4th, but also on November 5th and beyond.


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