Well, in about 70 minutes, the GOP debate (which started about 9 months too early) will begin. I know, me too! But nevertheless, we have to do this. I’ll be posting my analysis sometime after the debate (that’s if my wife wakes me up as promised) and here is the question I sent to FoxNews for Governor Mitt Romney:

“Governor Romney, you said in your 60 Minutes interview that you cannot think of anything more appalling than polygamy and although I would argue that abortion is more appalling, I would like to ask this question: There are an estimated 30,000 polygamists across the West who say they are following fundamental Mormon doctrine, and it has been well documented that a large majority of plural wives are on welfare. Many state officials in Utah say it would be easier to prosecute the mafia then it would be polygamists. As President, how would you address this issue?”

What do you think the chances are of that question getting asked?