I’ve been asked that many times…why are we (conservatives) losing? Many reasons! We don’t put our money where are mouth is unfortunately. We complain about the mainstream media and then when we get wonderful news alternatives such as the New Media Journal, we don’t financially support them. We complain that NPR gets federal funding and they have an obvious liberal slant, but when we get the answer to NPR in the form of The Right Balance, again we close up our wallets. And we wonder how an organization such as MoveON.org and the other Looney Left supporters have so much clout, we play lip service to the antidote to MoveON.org, TheVanguard.org.

If you’ve ever wondered about MoveON.org’s effectiveness and ability to organize, then read the article, “With New Clout, Antiwar Groups Push Democrats,” found in of all places the New York Times. These people are organized, well-financed, and staffed not with a bunch of tie-dyed T-Shirt wearing, dope-smoking, Grateful Dead listening anti-war hippies. These are lawyers and political consultants that know how Washington D.C. works.

If most of us would just set aside one month of our Starbucks allowance and just one night out to dinner and do this only once a year, we can support these great organizations. Please join me and thank you in advance.