So the Olympics are almost over and America is turning into the home stretch towards electing a new president. So much to speak on so I promise to try to keep you up-to-date with all the latest going-ons.

Who’s going to be Barack’s running mate? Who cares?

I’m guessing it is Evan Bayh of Indiana despite MSNBC’s reports to the contrary. I’m going with this rumor on Drudge because it seems more plausible. Check out this bumper sticker and the accompanying story:


How many of you have given up on Hillary Clinton? Silly you! Hillary has only suspended her campaign and has not released any of her delegates to Barack Obama. Now if she is fully supporting Obama, why didn’t she release her delegates?

Also, Obama has made a huge mistake in allowing a roll call vote to be taken on the first round with delegates. Hillary needs only 100 Super Delegates to change their minds on the first ballot and we have a brokered convention. The Obama campaign is said they will closely watch the delegate count and if Hillary appears to be tied with Obama or gaining on him, they will “speed up” the count, but how do you put the bull back into the barn once its out?

Folks, this is the Clintons we are talking about! I’m sure the Clinton War Machine was taken by surprise by this court case in Philadelphia!

Phillip Berg, the filing attorney, said “”I filed this action at this time to avoid the obvious problems that will occur when the Republican Party raises these issues after Obama is nominated.” He did this “for the health of the party.”

This lawsuit has the Clinton War Machine’s fingerprints all over it. Just the lawsuit alone is enough to make the Super Delegates nervous because if this goes to trial it sinks Obama in the general election. Without this the Super Delegates will be too afraid to incur the wrath of black voters if they abandon Obama.

You think the Olympics were good TV and that the Chinese cheating was obvious, folks you need to tune into the convention next week. This is reality TV at its best!

My guess is that John McCain will pick Governor Tim Pawlenty from Minnesota, who is a good and safe pick and could help McCain win Minnesota.

Hey, but in the end, no one really knows.

Am I the only one getting excited about this stuff?


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