How many of you remember what you were doing on that day? I actually do; my wife and I were looking at a car and met a nice young man named Davey. On our way home we decided to buy the car and Karen said, “Make sure you let Davey sell it to you.”

The next morning I drove Karen to work. I had yet to find employment after retiring from the Army two months earlier. I stopped by the dealer and they said Davey would be in around 10 am. I took a drive over to Destin to kill some time and decided to stop at a Tom Thumb and get a cup of coffee.

I returned to the car and turned on the radio and heard a news announcement that sounded almost like the old Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast back in 1938. That show caused much panic because of its realism. I was just about to dismiss this radio broadcast as such and then I heard:

“We’ve just received a report that a plane has hit the Pentagon!”

One thought came immediately to my mind: Osama bin Laden.

You see we in the military, especially those of us stationed overseas, understood clearly the threat of Osama bin Laden and radical Islam. In 1998 when bin Laden declared a fatwa against all Americans, we overseas went on high alert. I still remember patrolling housing areas in Germany with live ammo.

Now just two months shy of the 7th Anniversary of the horrible attacks on 9/11, many Americans are living as though it is September 10, 2001. Part of that is due to the steadfastness of the Bush Administration, law enforcement, national security and intelligence agencies, and our magnificent military, but a large part of the population does not understand the threat we face even today, at this very moment.

I ask that you take six and one-half minutes to watch this video reminder:

Two people who have done yeomen’s work on capturing the truth and outlining the threat is Frank and Nancy Salvato at the Basics Project. Please visit their website and see the many fine educational initiatives they have, but I want to turn your attention to what is the quintessential work done of radical Islam.

As part of their “Educational CD Series” Basics Projects has put together an audio CD that “provides a basics overview of the threat posed by those who adhere to radical Islamist ideology”; to quote their website. “Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam” is a stirring account of the grave threat radical Islam is to all freedom loving nations. I almost pulled my car over to listen to the CD as I was driving to work because I was so engaged in listening that I was not paying close enough attention to my driving.

Please order at least one copy for yourself to teach your family the true meaning of radical Islam. And if you know of anyone who doubts the real threat then I encourage you to order two. You will be getting a wealth of information and helping out a great non-profit educational organization.

Thanks in advance for purchasing your copy and for spreading the word about Basics Project to all you know.


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