Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted here, with writing for college, columns, and morning devotions I’ve not had sufficient time to do this blog justice. I shall try harder and by the way if you’re not receiving my morning devotion go ahead and email me and I’ll be sure you get it each weekday morning.

So what’s the latest with the Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama? Now I’m using his middle name only because I’m told I can’t and that if I do I’m a racist. Garbage!

For the record, that is the first time I’ve ever done that and if I’m seeming a little rebellious, stay with me. It’s time to peel the teflon coating off of Senator Obama’s exterior and take a closer look at the man notwithstanding the shouts and threats of the liberal media machine. This circling the wagons approach to vetting a candidate by the very institution that is protected by the Constitution to do so must have attention called to it. So I want to share with you a number of articles out there doing the job the media elites are failing to do.

My column at The Talon blog this week is titled “Unfit for Command.” I know, not a very original title but it was used with intent. Senator Obama has warned he will not be swift-boated as was John Kerry. I abhor the fact that the brilliant book “Unfit for Command” and the great American Heroes that make up the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has turned into some type of pejorative.

Note to readers: if you feel the urge to castigate me for calling the book brilliant, if you have not read the book that means you do not have “anything intelligent to add to the conversation so do not pass up the opportunity to keep your mouth shut.” That brilliant quote comes from my last battalion commander before I retired now Colonel Eric Nelson, a fine cavalry officer. I told you I would quote you one day Sir!

There are a number of articles outside the mainstream media exposing the character, faith, person, and qualifications of Senator Obama. I wrote on the New Media Journal a couple of weeks ago on “The Deep Faith of Barack Obama.”

Lance Fairchok, a writing partner of mine, wrote last April on the American Thinker of “Another Obama Marxist.” Lance has also written some superb articles at NMJ:

Too Radical For America
Stage Managing the Manchurian Candidate

Another friend who is doing yeoman’s work on exposing Obama is Erik Rush; please visit his website “Full Contact Commentary” where you can sign up for email notifications of his latest articles. Erik has recently written on NMJ “Pond Scum for Obama” and at World Net Daily “Race Card Up His Sleeve”; both refreshingly blunt and truthful observations of the would-be president.

I know many conservatives bemoan Christians for having a litmus test on abortion but that very test is working against Obama. Catholic columnist Deal Hudson has written “pro-life Catholics should reject Barack Obama because of his pro-abortion positions. Hudson says Obama is so out of line with Catholic teaching on abortion that he can’t be supported for president.” Please read the whole story by Steven Ertelt at

For you Obama supporters who read this blog (I know you’re out there!) now that all the hoopla is over, the excitement of the primaries has moved to the drudgery and reality of a national campaign that has to be ran from the center, take notice what happens to your candidate. Compare his tone and his speeches to the overall public versus an adoring Democrat crowd. Go ahead and touch the merchandise to see if the paint is still wet and if not, scratch it. See what you find; you won’t have to dig down very deep.

This is not MTV or American Idol or a rock concert; this man wants to run our country even though he originally said he would not run for national office in four years. That’s just one of many lies this man has told.

Keep it tuned in here for more Obama Omens!