Hillary’s speech tonight was no where near a concession speech. Why is that? Senator Obama came out, and she knew he would, claiming to be the Democratic nominee. So why no congratulatory note from Hillary?

I also find it intriguing that she’s openly allowing reports of her phone interview where she said she would consider the VP slot. And it almost seemed deliberate that her memo to staffers about wrapping up campaign offices and submitting expense reports was released, especially it reaching headline status on Drudge. Matt Drudge is a coveted news source and although liberals openly hate the Drudge Report, politicians acknowledge its influence and folks of all political stripes work hard to nuture a relationship with the blog revolutionary.

Here’s what has me thinkin’ out loud. I have been hearing rumors for the past few days that there is a bombshell about to come out against Obama. Some rumors have it that Hannity is holding it; in fact Sean has been making light of it on his radio program. Rumors are rumors, especially during a campaign season, but the timing of this one and in light of Hillary’s non-concession speech…makes me wonder. And this video makes me say “Hmmmm…”

You may be saying, as did my friend, but Dave Obama has already wrapped up the nomination. No, he has enough committed super delegates but they can change their mind even on the day of the convention. If this “shoe drops” on Michelle Obama the super delegates can change their mind. And what has the Clinton War Machine fingerprints all over it is the fact that Bob Beckel is being lead to believe it’s coming from Republicans.

Speaking of Republicans, who was the genius that came up with the idea of John McCain giving a speech on the night of Obama’s victory speech? You know just when my disdain for Bill Kristol seems to hit rock bottom, I hear him admit that he was given inside information about this speech two weeks ago and he thought it was a good idea. He admits having watched the speech that it didn’t work. Really? Seriously?


You put up “Hey the teleprompter is moving too fast” McCain against “Let me read the phone book and cast a spell on the crowd” Obama and you don’t think McCain’s speech worked. Mr. Kristol has been giving me the impression that he wants to destroy the Reagan Conservative movement and I gotta tell you Bill, the gem of advice you gave the McCain campaign is gasoline on the fire.

Here’s the most delusional part; the intent was to take some of the luster off of Obama’s night. Yep, that’ll work real good for the next few days as they play soundbites of the two speeches and we’ll see who shines.

Hey McCain campaign! I’m running a series of posts here called “Why You Should Vote for John McCain” and you’re making my job real tough.


Stay tuned, thanks to fellow blogger Larwyn Greer, I am analyzing an interview done by Senator Obama back in 2004 where he reveals the depth of his Christianity. You are going to be surprised at my findings. I intend to put it in an article and I’ll let you know where it ends up being published.