I probably just lost about 10% of my readership with this title and I can only imagine the hateful and vitriolic emails I’m going to receive, but I’m a realist.

I’m going to be doing this as series over the course of this election because so much is at stake. Now I’ve received a number of emails exhorting me to vote for Alan Keyes, Bob Barr, or any other independent candidate. News flash! It will never work.

If every hardcore traditional evangelical voted for another candidate, said candidate would receive around 35 million votes. Let’s say I’ve underestimated the number of hardcore traditional evangelicals by 25%; you would still have less than 45 million votes. John Kerry received 48.3% of the popular vote with a final tally of 59,028,109 votes. You can expect Barack Obama to receive at least that many votes.

Crossover votes from Hillary Clinton supporters, if they actually cross over, will go to John McCain, but they will not number enough to make a difference for McCain. Hillary has received over 17 million votes and even if half voted for McCain he would lose by a landslide. Obviously Hillary supporters would never vote for a candidate that a hardcore traditional evangelical would support.

What about teaching the Republican Party a lesson and letting Obama win? Do you know what’s at stake in our country? With McCain we have a chance of winning some conservative battles; with either Hillary or Obama we have zero. Notwithstanding a brokered Republican National Convention, John McCain is the Republican Party candidate.

This will be the gist of my series as time goes on; helping all of you understand what is at stake and what it means to make a “protest” vote or not vote at all.

To start the ball rolling I ask that you read my good friend and brother-in-Christ JB Williams’ latest column at the New Media Journal titled, “Purchasing Democratic Socialism in America” which will help build the foundation of what I pray will be an informative resource for all of you to make your decision based on facts and not purely emotions.

Please stay tuned!

P.S. I’ve added JB’s website to my blogroll…I can’t believe I hadn’t already!