I want to introduce all my Salt and Light readers to Erik Rush, a bold brother-in-Christ who lives out loud the “I will fear no evil” of Psalm 23. He is a fine man and has been taking on Jeremiah Wright before it was fashionable to do so.

Erik has written an excellent expository titled “Black Liberation Theology: The Enemy Within” on the New Media Journal. You’re going to want to read this and pass it on to everyone in your address book. And be sure to send it to all the Obama supporters you know.

I would love to hear Tim Russert or Bill O’Reilly for that matter (if Obama appears on his show) ask Obama is he adheres to Black Liberation Theology and if not, why did he sit under its teaching for twenty years.

I encourage you to drop by Erik’s website and sign up for his weekly bulletin. I’ve added Erik to our blog roll, so please give him a visit.