Wow! Where to begin? First, praise God for the Supreme Court upholding the ban on partial birth abortion signed by President Bush. While I understand why some evangelicals stayed away from the polls in 2006, the presidential nomination is huge. As Rod Martin wrote on his blog today:

“For those who’ve decided the Presidency doesn’t matter, or that a Republican Congress (which we no longer have) can better restrain spending with a Democrat President, the message is perfectly clear: a Hillary or an Obama would have appointed another Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Court, turning this 5-4 victory for life into a 6-3 defeat. Right now, Roe v. Wade itself is on the ropes. One more Republican Presidency could finish it; one more Democrat could keep it on the books for a generation.”

We must remember that the stakes are too high to not vote. We must be involved now and not wait to help promote strong conservative candidates. No more sitting on the sidelines. Get involved…join the NFRA and The if you haven’t already.

As far as the War on Terror goes, indeed it was a bloody day in Baghdad and it is hard to find any good news coming out of Iraq. Knowing that “reporters” aren’t going to do their jobs and report the full story, I asked my son Eddie to send me a report as soon as he could. Check out his latest article on the New Media Journal titled, “Real Deal in Ramadi.”

Finally, I will be appearing on Greg Allen’s show The Right Balance this Friday at 10:06 until 10:20 CST (11:06 Eastern; 8:06 Pacific). Give a listen, Greg Allen has the best show on radio…you can listen online.

God bless!