What do you do when as Steve describes it, the waters become murkier than they have ever been?

Who do we listen to as blood-bought, born-again Christians when a clear difference of opinion exists between two people who seemingly have the same worldview as Michael Reagan and Steve, and us for that matter?

To whom or what authority do we turn?

Well if you have a pastor you know is biblically sound and forthright with the truth as is Steve’s pastor and is my pastor, then we should be able to turn to these men.

That is what Steve did; listen to Steve explain it:

    Steve Questions His Pastor

Any guesses on what Pastor Bob’s answer is?

Not so fast; you may be more surprised than you thought.

    Pastor Bob Answers Steve

That is the question.

Are you going to go along with it?

Are you going to be…

An accessory to murder…

Maybe not in the law’s eyes…

Definitely not in the world’s eyes…

But you know it is true in God’s eyes.

Is abortion murder, yes or no?

In my book I write a whole chapter on abortion and one subsection is titled “Abortion Is Murder.”

If it is murder, then the Bible is very clear:

    “You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20:13)

Here’s what I wrote in my book on “What To Do”:

    We need to vote only for candidates who are anti-abortion. Any other candidate is automatically disqualified.

…automatically disqualified.

And not just in the primaries, but also in the general election, no matter the outcome.

You’ve heard this quote again but it bears reading again:

    “Duty is ours; results are God’s” John Quincy Adams

But Bro Dave how can you, how can Steve, how can Pastor Bob be so sure?

Pastor Bob’s answer to that question tomorrow.

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