Well it seems as thought the Veep Sweepstakes has begun; McCain has begun work on his list of Vice-Presidential candidates. Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina is getting a lot of ink as of late and he would be a fine choice.

Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota is considered a front-runner by many, including Jonathan Martin at Politico.com. I would have no heartburn with this choice.

Two people I would not like to see because of their past records and how divisive they are among parts of the conservative movement is Mitt Romney or our governor here in Florida, Charlie Crist.

I understand that the VP candidate has not historically brought a lot of votes to the ticket, however in our fractured state that is the Republican Party, we need a VP candidate that will counter McCain’s age and yawn effect, and unite the party as much as possible (even if it is nothing more than just gluing some of the pieces back together).

Someone who is an up and comer, who is my first choice is Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. This guy is so awesome he even delivered his third child, a son! This is a long article that was written by Ben Domenech of RedState, but it’s worth the read. Check out “Bobby Jindal Saves Louisiana.” I’m letting the McCain campaign know that Jindal is my first choice.