So what answer did you come up with?

You know…the answer to the question I left you with…

    Now Michael’s explanation is very politically pragmatic.

    But is it biblical?

    Does the 80/20 rule apply regardless or is there a such thing as first principles?

What say you?

So far only one reader has responded and I thank you Christopher.

Do you need more help clearing up the fog of political correctness?

How about some political and moral clarity?

Steve takes a call from a woman named Vicky and she obviously sees things clearer through a biblical lens than does Michael Reagan. Give a listen to the first part of the discussion:

Vicky Sees It Clearly (Part-1)

Both Steve and Vicky make a very important point; in 1976 the Republican Party was on the ropes. Jimmy Carter had just won the election and conservative evangelicals were just beginning to become a political force because of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

For all those “conservatives” who wish we social conservatives would fade away…think 1976.

Please continue listen to Part 2 of Steve and Vicky’s exchange:

Vicky Sees It Clearly (Part-2)

    “And stemming the tide; you know, that only is good if it does something, if we have the gumption to use the time we just bought for restoration, and that requires first principles, which are not allowed by the 80/20 rule.”
    “Restoration…first principles…not allowed by the 80/20 rule.”

Let that sink in for a while…

Dear Christian, how does that make you feel?

Does it make you feel pragmatic?

Does it make you feel pious?

Does it make you feel pathetic?

No more 80/20 rule at the expense of first principles!

Do you need more biblical reasons why we cannot do this?

Come back tomorrow to hear Steve’s pastor explain it.

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