If I hear one more liberal excuse as a private matter an adulterous politician I think I will scream! I do, however, have a cure for this.

Here’s a question we need to ask candidates before they are elected:

“With the recent public spotlight of adulterous politicians, and this question requires only a yes or no answer and I will give you one minute to explain your yes or no answer, my question is, is this a private matter? Should the public have a right to expect their politicians to not commit adultery?”


Most politicians run on values and high standards and so I think this is a fair question. I want to know if there is another Bill Clinton or Elliot Spitzer, is their shameful adulterous behavior strictly a private matter. Any politicians that answers yes get the heave-ho from me.

The twisted, contorted, and sad explanations coming from liberals defending Spitzer’s despicable, illegal, and hypocritical behavior is a very revealing commentary on society. As I wrote in my book “Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland,” we are in the middle of a societal civil war.

Are we paying attention yet?