According to, revise used to mean “to amend or alter: to revise one’s opinion.”

Associated Press “reporter” Sara Kugler’s definition of revise means “to lie, to tell an untruth: to revise the truth.”

Now Ms. Kugler would probably disagree with my assertion of her new definition, but I will let her article titled “Clinton Revises Remark on Women in Miss” speak for her.

This little tidbit from the article is quite revealing: “Speaking to radio station WJZD-FM in Gulfport, Miss., the former first lady said the comments she made about the state in the run up to the Iowa caucuses ‘were not exactly what I said,’ even though they came directly from an interview she gave to the Des Moines Register in October.”

Um, Sara…Mrs. Clinton has once again lied. She didn’t revise her remarks; she lied about them. She did not tell an “untruth” (from the Algore Dictionary); she lied. Mrs. Clinton lied because she is a liar.

See Sara, doesn’t that give you a sense of freedom? Try saying it one time Sara, “the former first lady (now senator) lied.” Truth has a wonderfully free feeling about it; doesn’t it?

No doubt! Jesus said that “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”