Congratulations to Senator John McCain who won the Republican nomination fair and square without a majority of conservatives. Mike Huckabee has conceded defeat to McCain and congratulated the Senator.

I’m listening to Obama’s speech from San Antonio now. This man is all style and no substance but that’s okay because that describes 90% of Obama supporters. Most Obama supporters cannot tell you anything specific why they want to vote for Obama. It’s because, he’s black, he’s a great speaker, he’s going to pull the country back together, he brings us hope…yada yada yada.

My good buddy JB Williams has, as my pastor likes to say, peeled the onion back on Barack. In JB’s article “The Two Faces of Barack Hussein Obama” at the New Media Journal we get the look at Obama that you’re not going to get at any other news media outlet.

Please pass this on to others; especially all the Barack Backers.