I did not believe my loathing for the New York Times could get any deeper than it has.

From warning terrorists of our secret wiretapping program to running the despicable MoveON.org Betraeus Ad to “Smearing Soldiers,” the NY Times barely hides its attempts to undermine America.

Well, they no longer are attempting to hide anything; in fact they are boldly showing how they are single-handedly manipulating the 2008 elections. Tomorrow the NY Times is publishing what most conservatives knew was coming, the long-awaited hit piece on John McCain. Now that McCain has all but wrapped up the nomination they are bringing into question McCain’s integrity and speculating on an alleged affair the Senator had with a lobbyist.

If the NY Times has had this story for weeks and only “sat on it” because of pressure from McCain, they were either grossly negligent in their duties as the watchmen of freedom or they purposely sat on this to wait until McCain secured the nomination so their beloved Democratic Party could regain the White House.

The NY Times knew that a McCain nomination would fracture the Republican Party of its conservative base and they, in my humble opinion, are trying to influence the outcome of this election.

If Bill Kristol has an ounce of respectable conservative blood still running through his veins he’ll resign from this disgraceful newspaper tomorrow.

I will be submitting a Letter to the Editor by tomorrow evening and will be leaving a message with them at 1-888-NYT-NEWS and emailing Bill Keller the news editor.

I encourage you to do the same, but please be polite and to the point.