So, with Mitt Romney out and Mike Huckabee needing to win 83.3% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination, does anyone doubt that John McCain will be the Republican nominee? I will be writing in the near future on what I see as the cause of the state of the Republican Party and what “We the People” can do about it.

Until then, I’ve posed some questions that I am inviting everyone to post their comments and you can throw out other food for thought. Let’s get the dialogue started.

Rules first; no nasty talk, no name-calling, no disparaging a candidate’s character. This is the grown-up blog. If you want to curse, belittle, make fun, talk about someone’s physical characteristics, that is not welcome here. There are plenty of blog sites out there for that, or you can start your own. I want substantive comments and respectful points and counterpoints.

Here are some questions to get the ball rolling:

How is it that we’ve come to this point?

What do we as a party do now?

Do you care if we lose the White House?

What about the Supreme Court nominees?

Are you willing to allow the country to suffer to just to teach the Republican Party hacks a lesson?

What, if anything, can John McCain do to win your vote?

That should get us started.