Briefly, looking at the Democratic Super Tuesday outcome, delegate count went to Clinton but momentum clearly is in the Obama camp. I watched him again last night and oh how I wish he was a conservative. If I did not know about his radical socialist leanings (which the large majority of his supporters do not), I would gladly vote for this guy. Alas he is the Republicans worse nightmare. If Hillary wins we have a great chance of defeating her and if she wins the White House I think she’ll only serve one term. Obama, however, could be our President for the next 8 years. That means we conservatives must energize to defeat whoever is the Democratic nominee.

Too much information and not enough time this morning to do extensive analysis of the GOP outcome, but obviously John McCain had a big night as did Mike Huckabee. I actually estimated McCain to have 880 delegates; he currently has 613 with only 59 (56 McCain; 3 Romney) of the 170 California delegates awarded. McCain could easily reach 700 by time the counting is done.

This means that Louisiana is huge for Romney. Louisiana has 47 delegates up for grab which are apportioned by votes received. Regardless the delegate count, Romney needs to win the popular vote to maintain viability. As Huckabee said last night, this is a two man race and Huckabee is one of them. I can’t find any current polling data for Louisiana at the moment, but Huckabee has to be quite popular there and if he squeaks out another win and will indeed be more than just a spoiler.

Clearly March 4 is the big day; I think Romney and Huckabee both stay around until then. Texas has 137 and it is a winner take all primary. Obviously, this is a very coveted price. We still have the Washington and Wisconsin Primaries in two weeks and although there are not a huge amount of delegates there, again momentum is a key ingredient.

Well, I’ve simply run out of time; I’ll get back to you all in the next few hours or by tomorrow and try to add my two cents to the huge pile of punditry.