What a mess! The two most conservative presidential candidates, three if you include Tom Tancredo, are Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter and the only way they’ll be on the White House steps on Inaugural Day, barring a miracle, would be to by invitation only.

The four remaining GOP candidates, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul, show just how fractured our party is. Let’s go from back to front:

Ron Paul – horrible on the War on Terror…next

Mike Huckabee – wants to give my tax rebate to building roads and bridges and claims to have the Heritage Foundation on his side. Weeeellllll, not exactly Governor. It seems the Heritage Foundation, while true they are opposed to tax rebates, they favor tax cuts and oppose increased spending. It seems the still preaching from the pulpit former pastor pursuing the presidency candidate either got his facts confused or misspoke. Huckabee has gave some great answers to questions such as evolution, his faith, and last night he gave a good answer to the Reagan endorsement question, Huckabee has only 29 delegates so far. Many a pundit suspect Huckabee is positioning himself for a VP spot; in fact my dream ticket was Thompson/Huckabee. It turned out just to be a dream…anyway, Huckabee had one of his patented lines (he’s clever if nothing else) on Joe Scarborough’s channel (Joe used to be a strong conservative)

So, what about Governor Romney? Most conservative pundits are lining up with Romney because he espouses conservative beliefs. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council says that Romney has painted himself into a conservative corner and would be hard-pressed to change positions. Tony, I have great faith in Romney’s ability to get out of any corner he’s painted himself into; he’s been quite adroit at that all his political career. Nevertheless, voters wanting to vote for a candidate running on conservative issues are leaning towards Romney. However, Romney’s record, as Huckabee eluded to in the video, is not all that conservative. The folks at MassResistance are not real excited about Romney becoming the 44th President.

Now McCain…Senator, you give the appearance as though you are entitled to the presidency. That really bothers me. You conducted yourself very un-presidential last night and you’ve got more liberals and RINOs lining up behind you than I as a conservative would be comfortable with. You’ve been endorsed by Joe Lieberman, the NY Times, Charlie Crist (um, he’s not a conservative), Mel Martinez, Rudy Giuliani, and Arnold Schwarzenneger. We must also remember that McCain seriously considered becoming John Kerry’s running mate in 2004 and reportedly considered becoming an independent in 2001!

I know the Senator from Arizona is basking in the limelight, but his beloved MSM will turn on him the minute the Democratic nomination is secured.

I know some are ready and willing to teach the GOP a lesson, but they didn’t learn in 2006 and this isn’t the congressional elections; the White House is at stake. More on that later…