I’ve been calling for the 3R’s to rescue our nation: 1) reeducation; 2) revival; and 3) revolution.

The first part, reeducation must come from parents teaching their children the truth abou the founding of our great nation. It must come from Christians understanding “Our American Christian Heritage”.

And it must come with sound biblical preaching and teaching from our pulpits across America of the type the late Dr. Adrian Rogers preached.

The Late Dr. Adrian Rogers

The Late Dr. Adrian Rogers

Our pastor recently preached from Dr. Rogers’ teaching on this subject. Our pastor, Dr. Dennis Brunet, was mentored by Dr. Rogers and Brother Dennis’ preaching models this Lion of Memphis who has been with Jesus for almost 4 years. I will post my pastor’s message here in a few days because Brother Dennis has brought it up to date in the day we are facing.

However, I encourage you to listen to Dr. Rogers’ original message and print off the accompanying study guide. Share this with your pastor and encourage him to preach like this and if he already is, then thank him for his boldness and faithfulness to God’s Word.

Listen to “Salty Saints”

Print the accompanying study guide.

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