Here is an email conversation that my dear friend Dino and I had today. It was in response to a visit to Fort Walton Beach by Rudy Giuliani; Dino was sharing how nice an event it was and this is my response followed by his:

He’s still not getting my vote. Dino, the conservative movement is dying right before our eyes. We have Ann Coulter shilling for the biggest phony in America, Mitt Romney. We have conservatives (not you) swooning over a man who although he did a good job overall running NYC, he is a morally bankrupt man in the form of Rudy Giuliani. We have evangelicals running to the Huckabee trough who is nothing more than a populist at best and a liberal at worst.

We have the Democrat and media darling, a man John Kerry asked to be his running mate in John McCain, and from all accounts McCain seriously considered the position, and he is currently the front runner in the GOP race!

We have people rejecting the utmost clear conservative choice in Fred Thompson because he’s not a great speaker or we’re afraid he isn’t electable. And the party is being driven by its fear of Hillary Clinton becoming president. How about we nominate the best candidate and trust that his leadership and strength attracts the 10-11 million evangelicals and who knows how many other conservatives that sat out 2006 and sweep this man into office.

We bemoan the American Idol mentality of our country as though that malaise only applies to liberals and our youth. Nonsense! It has invaded our party and as Fred Thompson put, we are in a struggle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. If Rudy McRomney gets nominated, our party will lose the election but more importantly and I fear fatally, lose its conservative foundation.

I hope I’m wrong; I hope if Huckabee wins the nomination he turns out to be the man many evangelicals and conservatives believe he is. Unfortunately, all my research, prayer, and instincts, along with my pastor who has been an insider to the Southern Baptist Convention for 25 years, believe he’s just another Jimmy Carter. Dave


I very much enjoyed Rudy’s appearance yesterday. I like you do NOT agree with his stances on social issues. I am STILL a Fred supporter – BIG TIME. My elation was more in part with the fact he was a New Yorker, Mayor during 9-11 where he did a great job, and of course his book Leadership (which Id DID NOT bring to get signed – stupid me; but I got his autograph anyway). It was not the fact he may get the nomination for Pres. I just respect him for his role on 9-11.

I want Fred Thompson to win so bad I can taste it. But, unlike you (and I respect your stance but disagree)if Rudy gets the nomination (which I do not think he will) I Must vote for him just to ensure Hillary does not get in. She MUST not get into the White House!! At all costs!!

Outside of Thompson, I DO NOT like any of the others. There is NO choice this election. This is sad and as you said, the Conservative movement is dying. I have been saying that now for 8 years. They call themselves conservatives for self advancement but they are not. I personally feel the reason for the movement dying is the fact no one has the stones to stand up and tell it like it is – translated? PC. Dino

I was thankful to hear my good friend Mark Levin tell his South Carolina listeners to vote for Fred Thompson and today both David Limbaugh and Jed Babbin wrote columns explaining that Fred Thompson was the best candidate for the Republican Party.

If you know that Fred Thompson is the most conservative candidate yet your struggling with voting for him because you fear he’s not electable, or he lacks charisma, or he’s not a great speaker, I want you to do something for me. Please walk over to a wall, put your hand to the back of your head, and ram it into the wall. Okay, I don’t really want you to do that. But I want you to think about those reasons and I ask you to go back to my email above and read it again.

The presidential primary process is about nominating the best candidate and trusting that conservatism wins the day everyday!