Once again a definition from Dictionary.com is in order:

Revulsion (n): a strong feeling of repugnance, distaste, or dislike.

It wasn’t more than an hour after I enjoyed an amazing Angus beef porterhouse steak grilled to perfection on my back patio, that I turn on the TV in my bedroom to watch the FoxNews coverage of the Michigan primary just in time to catch part of Mitt Romney’s victory speech.

What I heard almost made me lose that fine dinner; Mitt Romney talking about his inspirations and he invoked two names that inspired him: Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush. I’m sure that Governor Romney is completely sincere and did not have this particular video in mind that I and many, many more bloggers have been playing:

Yeah, I’m sure he’s always thought Reagan was great. Well maybe not really. You see the older Romney gets, the smarter Ronald Reagan gets (yuk, yuk, yuk). Um, or could it be Governor, the more you get hammered for being a phony conservative the more you always were a big fan of Reagan/Bush? Well, here you watch:


Hey stop laughing, he’s serious…no he’s really serious. He means it and anything else he needs to say to pander to those scared to death of Hillary Clinton. Well, here’s a news flash…if Mitt Romney does win the nomination and Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, then the White House staff will be saying Madame President for the first time ever.

(Oh man, that means Madame President and Madame Speaker…hmm, maybe Australia isn’t such a bad idea…)

Would someone please help me out? What is it about Romney’s phoniness that you cannot see? Is there some evil pall over our country that our eyes are so deceived that we cannot see who this man really is? I think Joan Vennochi puts it best in her August 9, 2007 Boston Globe column titled “Romney’s honesty problem.” Ms Vennochi writes:

Every time Romney tries to explain his evolution from supporter to opponent of abortion rights, his honesty comes into question. That’s because his explanations over the years don’t add up.

Talk about the understatement of the campaign!

Nevertheless, as an official Fredhead, I’m actually glad that Romney won Michigan because that takes the wind out of the McCain and Huckabee sails and makes South Carolina (the first true GOP primary) that much more significant. Fred Thompson is gaining support everyday as is evidenced in this latest Rasmussen Reports article.

The fun is just beginning!