Well, I’m knee deep in the hoopla!

I had a wonderful telephone conversation today with Gary Gross, a fellow blogger from Let Freedom Ring…please check out his blog and I’ve added him to my blog roll.

Gary linked to my press release from this morning where I’ve officially endorsed Fred Thompson.

Thanks for the compliment Gary but I’d hardly describe myself as “a major Christian leader.” More accurately I’m just like all in the blogosphere trying to make a difference in this very important election cycle.

I’ve caught some flak for this endorsement already, some of it for not endorsing Governor Huckabee. I have an article titled “My Huckabee Hesitation” coming out on the New Media Journal tomorrow morning. Please read it and pass it along also!

Things are moving real fast so keep a lookout here. I’m asking for your prayers and although I can’t go into specifics, please pray that God’s will is done in the ongoing negotiations I’m involved with currently.

God bless!