I recall for the last couple of years I’ve been saying that Hillary Clinton is not a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination because she is not very likeable and she’s never really faced the fire. Well it seems as though both of this was on display in New Hampshire tonight.

Now I did not watch the debate, I was too busy watching the marvelous victory of the Jacksonville Jaguars over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but thanks to Matt Drudge and YouTube we can catch up on all the fun.

Here we have Hillary becoming a little hot under the collar:

And next we have independent voters from New Hampshire commenting on Hillary:

As for Hillary providing health care for guardsmen and reservists that did not have health care, weeeellllll….that’s not exactly true. Our good friends at FactCheck.org have a different story:

Clinton says, “You would think that … National Guard and Reserve … would have had health insurance. But they didn’t.”

That’s not exactly true. First of all, long before Clinton became a senator, members of the National Guard and Reserve were covered by federal health insurance while on active duty and for a period thereafter. So were their dependents. As for those not on active duty, four out of five were covered by health insurance through their civilian employers, their spouse or some other source, according to a 2000 survey by the Department of Defense.

It is certainly true that Clinton was among those pushing to expand and improve federal coverage for reservists while they’re not on active duty. But it’s just wrong to say the National Guard and Reserve didn’t have health insurance, because the large majority did.

Clinton would have been correct to say “some didn’t” have health insurance. She even would be justified in saying that, before her efforts, guardsmen and reservists “didn’t have adequate health insurance.” That’s an opinion with which many would agree. But by falsely claiming that “they didn’t” have health insurance, she gives herself more credit than the facts support.

So once again we have a Clinton stretching the truth or maybe we have a new definition of “have.”