an·ti·dote  /

1. a medicine or other remedy for counteracting the effects of poison, disease, etc.

2. something that prevents or counteracts injurious or unwanted effects: Good jobs are the best antidote to teenage crime.

Well, a month has gone by since I posted Part 4 to Reviving the Republicans and a lot has happened since then.  If you’ve been following my blog, my son Eddie has published two phenomenal articles with “Hope Rides Alone” getting an incredible response.  We have received over 700 responses from over 500 people to his post.  It is very encouraging because it shows that the Democrats and RINOs have seriously miscalculated on the Iraqi war stance.  We have had 17 turncoat Republicans House members vote to rebuke our president and several GOP senators vote to end cloture on the Senate’s version.  So what’s a good conservative to do?  Three immediate things and this is the antidote.

  1. Find out how your US Representative and Senator voted in their respective houses in regards to the anti-surge vote.  If they voted against it; thank them.  If they voted with the Democrats, tell them to plan on being unemployed next election.  And get all your like-minded friends to do the same.
  2. Join the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, NFRA for short.  Just hit that link and find out if you have a local chapter, if not, start one!  They are the Republican wing of the Republican Party and our goal is to rid the party of RINOs.  Christine Whitman can write all the “It’s My Party Too” books she wants, but real conservatives make up the base of the Republican Party and we are here to revive it.
  3. You need to also join  Rod Martin is not only kind enough to sponsor this blog, but he has assembled an incredible staff and Rod will be making more announcements about the additions shortly. is the antidote to  They are taking the fight to but they need your help.  That means opening up your wallets and agreeing to be counted among the rolls of “the new conservative movement” as Rod puts it.  Here is Chairman Rod Martin’s vision:

“We need to stop fracturing ourselves into special interests, and take a page out of MoveOn’s book, using technology to unite across interest lines so we can all win together. We will not just turn out voters for the same old bunch, but raise up new candidates from the conservative netroots who truly believe and who will truly fight and win.”

So do you really want a revolution?  Do you really want to show our troops that we stand behind them?  Do you really want to see our country return to its traditional conservative roots?  Then we need to revive the Republican Party and it’s going to take a serious antidote to counteract the injurious and unwanted effects of not only the Democratic Majority, but also the muddled mess the RINOs have made. We are counting on you!