As I write this, there are barely 62 hours left in 2007 and with all that is left in this year and what we face in 2008, I wanted to invite you to join me in a moment of reflection. What’s important to you? My dear brother in Christ Scott Malensek shared with me that he wanted “to do better…to take actions that benefit others, and thereby better myself by helping others.”

What a magnificent goal! Scott would admit that he didn’t stumble on some new profound truth, but that he took the time to relearn some old lessons. I’m praying that Scott writes the New Years message he discussed with me in an email. It will bless all of us and start us off on the right foot for 2008. (No pressure Scott!)

Another friend is Ros and she sent me an incredible interview she found on Yankeemom’s site and I have to share it with all of you. It may be rainy outside as it is in NW Florida right now, or perhaps you’re in the middle of a snow blizzard; regardless the weather, may the love of Christ warm you and hatch a new desire in you “to take actions that benefits others.”

God bless!