How is it that so many conservatives are fooled by Mitt Romney? Is their fear of Hillary Clinton so severe that it has blinded these folks to follow after someone who is such a phony? Am I the only one who sees Romney as despicable as they come in politics? If you were going to cast the stereotypical politician, you would use either John Kerry or Mitt Romney as your template (both from Massachusetts by the way).

Gregg Jackson put it best in an email he sent me earlier today:

I am trying to warn people about this very very dangerous and deceptive individual who is essentially nothing more than a soulless zombie who will do and say anything to get elected. A lot of “conservatives” in the media who are evangelizing Romney will have to be exposed after this is all said and done. They have done a significant amount of damage to the conservative cause but perhaps it was good that Romney came along since as I said in the article it has served the purpose of providing an x-ray into the internal corruption of the GOP (pseudo conservatives like Hannity, Hewitt, Bennett, Sekulow, etc…) who have supported Romney and have ignored his record. It is malpractice in my humble opinion but has shown their true disdain for evangelical Christians. George Will and Peggy Noonan and the rest have always harbored these feelings about us, but now it is coming to light for all to see.

Spot on Gregg! He also sent me an eight minute video on Romney that is worth the time to watch. Please, please search your heart and come up with better than “he’s better than Hillary.” If all we can do is vote “against” someone (which evangelicals should never do, read my pastor’s perspective on that), we as a movement, conservatives are in serious trouble.