It seems as though the Obama Administration realizes that they cannot pass a healthcare reform bill with the public option it wanted.

Today on CNN’s “State of the Union” Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathlenn Sebelius said that the public option is not essential to Obama’s desires to overhaul the current healthcare system.

Sebelius Says Government Insurance Plan Not Essential

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

If you are not sure whether or not something is good for the country in general and conservatism specifically, do what I do.

Visit the liberal blogs.

If you find at these blogs gnashing of teeth over something the government wants to do, you can be 99.999% of the time sure it is a good thing for America. The DailyKos did not let us down.

Told you so: Public Option, Meet Underside of Bus

Over at AMERICAblog they are lamenting the White House’s capitulation and wishing there were more Rachel Madow’s from MSNBC in the world.

White House willing to drop public option, say Sebelius and Gibbs

Do we need healthcare reform?


How can the government help?

That’s easy:

    1. Don’t get in the healthcare business (see banking and auto industries)

    2. Do deregulate the insurance industry so as to allow citizens from one state to shop for health insurance in another state.

    3. Give health care insurance to those AMERICANS who actually need and want it. (I”ll be sharing my plan for that in the near future). And it is not the phony “46 million” number of those without health care that supporters of government run health care are purporting. (See: White House Claim of 46 Million Uninsured ‘Americans’ Includes Almost 10 Million Foreigners)

    4. We need tort reform so doctors do not have to run so many unnecessary tests on their patients in order to protect their practices from frivilous lawsuits later (the type of lawsuits that made John Edwards rich as a slip and fetch it lawyer).

Keep up the good work America. Read the healthcare bill proposals, call and write letters to your Congressman and Senators and let them know you do not support government run healthcare.

A word on contacting your elected official.

Do not “get in their faces” as Obama told his supporters to do.

Call their office, tell them your name and zip code, and tell them you do not support the proposed legislation.

Send them a postcard with the same information; it will get through the mail screeners much faster.

And by all means fax their offices too.

There is no need to threaten, just tell them your position. I’ve talked with our Congressman Jeff Miller’s staff and they, as do other congressional staffs, keep a count of the constituents positions on legislation.

We just need to be heard.

We’ve been silent for too long.


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