About a year ago this month the wonderful Life Action Revival Ministries came to Midway Baptist Church in Gulf Breeze, FL and lead our church in two straight weeks of revival. It was nothing less than phenomenal and the first thing we learned was that revival meant God visiting us. Most Christians will tell you that what our country needs is revival and they are right.

The problem is that we usually rely on government to fix the societal problems that are literally rotting our country from the inside out. We cannot leave the needs of our country up to politicians only and that means we as Christian citizens need to “take right ground” as described by the great 19th Century revivalist Charles Finney.

Well Life Action Ministries is sponsoring a 30 day commitment of Christians to pray for revival everyday at 12 noon. I invite all Christians to sign up for “12 Pray” at Life Action’s website and join in this awesome call to seek God’s face. We will be voting in the primaries in little over a month in some places; two months here in Florida. We need a move of God to wash over this land and motivate Christians to get to the polls during the primaries so we can have the candidate of our choice instead of plugging our noses and voting for the lesser of two evils.

I hope you will join me.