My sister Mary Wheeler had it on her heart to send President Bush a copy of Eddie’s article, “Hope Rides Alone,” after his death. Here are her words:

Dear David,
I just wanted you to know that I have just mailed off Eddie’s article to the President. He may not get it but we can pray that he does. I just happened along the address while I was looking up something else at the USPS website and I had an over-whelming desire in my heart to send it to him. I hope that you do not mind. I know that your friend may have already done so but I really felt that it was the Lord’s will for me to do it, whether it was just for my own peace of mind or not I do not know.
Your son is not forgotten,
All my love.
(her nickname)

Well, I just received an update from her:

Hi Dave,
Hope that you and Karen are well. I just wanted to tell you that the package I sent to Pres. Bush did get to him. They actually sent me back a signed letter and a “Seal of the President of the United States” medallion. I have attached the letter so you can read it. God bless you guys.

I’m not sure all that Mary included in the package, but I am so honored that the Lord used my sister to get Eddie’s letter to the President. I actually tried a couple of avenues, but an Aunt’s love is greater than going through normal channels.

Here is a copy of President Bush’s letter to my sister Mary: