I just finished watching live over the Internet the straw poll results of the legislative action arm of the Family Research Council known as FRC Action. They hosted the 2nd annual “The Washington Briefing 2007” and there were many good speeches, of which I’ll comment on later.

Now for the results and they gave only the top four finishers. Of 5776 votes cast the breakout is, from fourth to first:

#4 Fred Thompson 564
#3 Ron Paul 865
#2 Mike Huckabee 1565
#1 Mitt Romney 1595

Yes, I am shocked. I’m not shocked by Mike Huckabee’s finish; his speech was a grand slam. I am completely and utterly surprised, confused, shocked, bewildered, and other adjectives that fail me now by Romney’s first place finish. I saw his speech last night and it seemed so phony, staged, pandering, and only guided to win votes.

Well, smarter pundits than me will have much to say about these results, but suffice it to say that if Mitt Romney is nominated, we as a party are in big trouble.