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Now at the 4:22 point in the video below, stalwart conservative and constitutional watchdog Jonah Goldberg “agrees that this is all very troubling” and then gives us an example of what he considers very troubling.

Glenn Beck asks if everything in your home is now the government’s and Jonah so wittingly says, “Not your couch, just your computer.”


I have to tell you Jonah, your outrage – albeit camouflaged – is inspiring.

At least they can’t take my couch, of which I can replace at the nearest furniture store, but I can’t replace my privacy…but you know what I mean.

I hope none of you fine Americans have visited www.cars.gov. Notice that I did not put a hot link to the website?

I don’t want to have any responsibility for you inviting the government into your computer.

If you have, I recommend:

1. Buy a new computer
2. Get a new phone line (if that is how you accessed the website)
3. Get a new wireless card (if that is how you accessed the website)
4. Never again visit www.cars.gov

I am confused about one thing Jonah. At 3:51 in the video you say:

    As a conservative you always have to hold out the possibility that government people are just stupid rather than evil.

Where is that written Jonah? I’ve read Barry Goldwater’s The Conscience of a Conservative, Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, and am currently reading Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind.

I’ve read the Federalist Papers, the Charters of Freedom, much of the Founders’ writings, I’ve never picked up that little tidbit of how conservatives are to hold out for the possibility government people are just stupid rather than evil.

Real nice…there you have it Conservative America straight from the mouth of the National Review Online’s Editor at Large Jonah Goldberg.

Perhaps as conservatives we should hold out the possibility that NRO’s editors say really stupid things instead of something far more sinister?

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