Some of my readers may be disappointed with my stance on health care because of my last post. But if you go back and read my last post or any others for that matter, I’ve not really shared my stance on health care.

I know some think that conservatives and the Republican Party are using scare tactics, especially on the old (as though we invented that!), but there is much to be scared about when it comes to ObamaCare.

My opposition to ObamaCare does not equate to opposition to health care.

I am a big proponent of healthcare reform and I am working on a new chapter on this very subject for my revised, updated, and expanded hardcover edition of “Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland.” I’ve not published any of it because I was saving it for my book release in January.

However in light of the currency of the debate I need to start publishing excerpts of it on my blog. I will not be concentrating on the pros and cons of ObamaCare, but I will use examples of it to contrast it with my suggestions for reform.

Look for my first installment on health care reform here tonight, where I will discuss whether or not health care is a right.

See you then!

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