My dear friend Greg Allen of The Right Balance will be hosting a tribute to Eddie tomorrow, Friday the 28th, from 10:06 – 11:00 am Central Time.

Please visit the link above where you can find a radio station near you or listen to the show online. It is going to be a blessed occasion.

I will be on the show for the whole hour and here are some of the guests scheduled to bring tribute to Eddie:

10:06 – 10:20 Frank Salvato of The New Media Journal

10:20 – 10:30 Buzz Patterson, best-selling author and presidential aide to President Bill Clinton. Buzz is a dear brother-in-Christ who has written a brilliant third book (the first two are excellent too) about how the Left is trying to defeat America. War Crimes is a must read and Buzz immortalizes Eddie’s words from Hope Rides Alone. Buzz will tell you that Eddie’s words are the lynch pin to his book.

10:33 Lieutenant Colonel Joe Myers is going to try to come on for a few minutes and say a quick few words about Eddie. Joe was the first to alert us to Eddie being mentioned on The O’Reilly Factor and Karen and I had the chance to break bread with him and our dear friends Dino and Jeannette. Joe spoke so highly of Eddie and has been greatly affected by Eddie’s life and death.

After this, some of the family will come on. Eddie’s mother, Tina Kelly, may come on. Eddie’s sister Becky will also come on to say some words about her beloved brother. Possibly my wife Karen and Eddie’s step-sister Tiffany Schreffler (my step-daugther) will come on. Also, time allowing Bill Malley, my best man and great mentor to Tiffany, Eddie, and Becky, known as “Mr. Bill” will come on.

Greg is lovingly putting together a show to bring great honor to Eddie. Greg will tell you that he truly believed that Eddie would one day be a congressman if not higher. Many of you have echoed that sentiment. Eddie laughed when I told him about what Greg said, replying: “I’m not sure they’d appreciate me hurling my chair across the room at some stupid comment made by another congressman.” That’s my Eddie!

Please join us, but if you cannot, go to The Right Balance to see replay times and I will be posting the entire interview here a few days later.

God bless!