Bill the Buffoon O’Reilly just had a lawyer from the Southern Poverty Law Center on who is demanding CNN fire Lou Dobbs. The Buffoon said they (I assume his show) looked into the birth certificate issue last year and they saw it and hey, it’s solved…no issue!

Add that to what Faux News did this weekend on Geraldo Rivera’s show with Ann Coulter and Mike Huckabee (just when you where winning me back Governor)…

…and now we see that Faux News is like the rest of almost ALL media outlets, conservative, mainstream, and liberal television and radio who lack the one thing Lou Dobbs has displayed.


Thank goodness for World Net Daily’s courage to cover the issue who by the way have not only the above video but also extensive coverage over the Obama birth certificate controversy.

By the way Governor Huckabee do you honestly believe that the Clintons have the power to force Hawaii to release Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate? Would that not be a huge political gamble, taking the chance that Hawaii’s Health Department would release the fact that they were being pressured by the Clintons? Only a rank amateur would take such a risk and the Clintons are many things, but they are not rank political amateurs.

People, keep shouting it from the rooftops…


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