Hey Everyone!

Some exciting things happening at TheVanguard.org! First founder and chairman Rod Martin and TheVanguard.org have an excellent article written about them in Human Events Online.

Next, Rod Martin announces that Jerome Corsi has joined TheVanguard.org! This is big!

For those of you not familiar with Jerome Corsi, he is the co-author of the book “Unfit for Command,” detailing John Kerry’s Viet Nam record as told by his fellow Swift Boat veterans. If you haven’t read that book yet, buy it today and you’ll understand why John Kerry “never fought back.” (Kind of hard to do when the truth is dead against you)

Mr. Corsi has written an excellent article titled, “TheVanguard.org Plans Conservative Challenge to MoveOn.org”, and he explains why has joined TheVanguard.org and what role he will be playing. He also closes with a morally and politically clear (the goal of “Salt and Light”) explanation about his involvement with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Please don’t miss any of this!


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