Hat tip to my brother in Christ Gary Gross from Min-uh-soo-tuh, yes the state who now has Senator Stuart Smalley representing the Land of a 10,000 Lakes, but I digress.

Much happening on the health care front with the statists controlling the government and the Obama Media Machine, aka the mainstream media, Americans are going to be sold a total clunker when it comes to health care. We are already being lied to about medical costs with the current system.

Check out Gary’s blog Let Freedom Ring and read “Exposing the Dems’ Health Care Myth.” You will be amazed at what you learn.

Speaking of myths, what about the myth of the wonderful health care system in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Former Governor Mitt Romney, the persevering presidential pestulant, still to this day brags about his health care program: “Mine is the conservative, small government, personal responsibility plan.” Um Mitt…you forgot the word…”expensive.”

So how do Massachusettans feel about “RomneyCare”? Rasmussen reports that only 1 out of 4 believe it is a success.

Patriots, we have had congressmen and senators voting for legislation that they have not read…no more…it must stop with health care.

Time to wake up America and pay close attention.


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