I wanted to share a letter with all of you from a dear brother in Christ from up in Canada. Adam Boggs was the very first respondent to Eddie’s article “Hope Rides Alone.” Some over 700 people later the Hope Family was formed and is still growing. Adam thought that what he wrote me might seem crazy, but I told him it is an inspiring tribute to Eddie. I am publishing it here with his permission:


I have to admit, your son and your family have been on my mind a great deal over the last couple of days (since you sent me the email regarding his passing). I’m not sure why I’m writting this particular email, other then I feel compelled to. Part of me says that you may not want to think about it, and part of me says different. Either way I’m trying very hard to follow the thoughts that compell me and trust that God is guiding me.

Through other activities that I’m involved in I have already developed a distain for the couch potato that represents the North American Man. I feel that the attitude of today’s Man is to protect thy self, and thy home, and because of this attitude our society (I am including Canada in this) is deteriorating at it’s current rate.

We need more men like Eddie who recognize that if you just protect your home when the enemy comes, it will be a short fight. We need more men like Eddie who are willing to put down petty differences with their neighbor and stand together to fight a common cause.

The more I think of your son and his sacrifice, the more I am driven to do my part in ensuring that his sacrifice was not wasted on a society that doesn’t remember or care what a gift FREEDOM is. I feel FREEDOM is something that we will continually have to fight for. Men of today don’t remember the last sacrifice that was made for our freedom, and therefore have the opinion that it is a Right instead of a Gift. How different would it be if the people of the USA (and Canada) stood as ONE, and fought for their FREEDOM together. How different would it be if our society wasn’t full of couch potatos that counted on other men to fight/sacrifice for their FREEDOM. What if…..

Maybe you think I’m crazy. Maybe I’m unable to write what I’m truly thinking.

I guess I just want you to know that Eddie’s sacrifice has made a difference in my life. That I feel the freedom that men like Eddie have provided for me and my family (Canada stands behind it’s big brother) is a gift and is treated as such.

Like I said, maybe you think I’m crazy (and I take no offense if you do). I just have this dream that if some men stand up, we can create a ripple effect of men standing up (off the couch) and doing something with the gift of FREEDOM that we are so fortunate to have. I don’t think Eddie’s sacrifice was so I can go to work tomorrow and catch the latest reality show in the evening, but so I can have the freedom to truly DO something.

Sorry for the length of the email, but like I said it’s been on my mind.

God Bless, you and your family.