Mocking Jesus

There are times when I forget that I am going to have to give an account for every action and word I take and speak. Thankfully, God gives me reminders of this eternal truth and one such reminder came yesterday at church.

Our pastor is preaching on Christ’s seven sayings from the cross. Yesterday he was reading from Matthew 27 when the reminder came to my mind:

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A False Christianity

You’ve no doubt heard that all religions lead to heaven and worship the same god. If this is true, then Christianity is a lie. Christianity is the only religion where salvation comes through grace alone, by faith in Christ. All other religions require some sort of works to receive salvation. This means Christianity is the opposite of all other religions. Two opposing belief systems can be wrong, or one can be right. However, both cannot be right.

Believers around the world celebrated Christianity’s holiest day yesterday. Most call it Easter; others prefer to call it Resurrection Sunday. Regardless its name, a Risen Savior is the center of the celebration. Many denominations are now rejecting a crucified and risen Christ. This too is a false Christianity. The Bible declares as much:

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Seeking The Living Among The Dead

One of the most toxic lies from the pit of hell is that all religions lead to God; that we all basically worship the same God. That is so easily disputed that a junior high debate student could destroy that myth in the first round. How so?

Christianity is the only religion that believes in a risen Savior. All other religions either believe in becoming gods themselves, worship animals, worship a statue, or worship a dead so-called prophet.

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Walking In Joyful Victory

Some Christians do not like the term Easter Sunday; some I know despise it. All of these folks prefer to call it Resurrection Sunday; I do too because that is what happened on that heavenly Sunday morn. Christ rose from the grave. How we came to call it Easter is another occasion of competing with the world, which again, is another whole lesson or course on its own.

But let’s focus on that empty tomb; how did it transform the Disciples of Christ?

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