Not Unworthy Of The Name

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Accommodate Their Discourses To The Times

NOTE: Truly I was not fully conscious when I wrote yesterday’s email/devotional. Mike is not in Afghanistan; his location is not important only his mission. Wendy is not the name of the wife of Keith Green; it is Melody. I knew better on both accounts; I plead lack of sleep.

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Is Jesus God?

NOTE: I awoke just after 1 am this morning with only 3 hours of sleep under my belt with the strong feeling God wanted to show me something. He did indeed! Mike Felan is a member of our church and is deployed to Afghanistan. He has basically started a church on their new bare bones base and one of the young men he is ministering to struggles with the deity of Christ. Mike sought me for some insight on this and here is my answer to him. Please keep Mike Felan in your prayers…

Praise God Bro Mike for your email; now I understand why God awoke me at 1 am. It was to answer your wonderful email!

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Righteousness Exalts A Nation

Is it possible for America to become a great nation once again? Only if it become righteous and righteousness must begin with the church first and then our communities will be changed. Christians pray for revival in America, pray that revival will come to our civic leaders and they know not what they are praying.

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Wretchedly Deceive Themselves

It is easy to want to give up when wickedness encircles us. At times we want only a peaceful existence unattached to the world. We who know Jesus as Lord and Savior long to be with Him in glory. David felt this way many times and he wrote in particular about one wicked man who went to Saul to tell him David’s whereabouts. David minced no words in his condemnation:

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The Grand Assumption

It seems like forever since we last talked. This week has been something else from fighting vertigo to watching Sharron Angle’s great victory in Nevada. Last night as I went to bed very early feeling exhausted the Lord put something on my heart to write about this morning and it includes Sharron. Oh this is not going to be about politics; it’s about the Great Commission.

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No, this is not a tribute you the John Lennon’s song. This blog does not tout humanist drivel.

No, Imagine is the title of Steve Deace’s latest splendid blog post.

Steve Deace
Steve Deace

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The Weaker Brother?

I want to share part of a response I received to Friday’s devotional. The respondent shared three possible conclusions we could have towards a brother or sister in Christ who is “in favor of some policy that makes perfect sense to (them), but that I know beyond the shadow of a doubt would have massive horrific unintended consequences.” The conclusions are:

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Beauty Will Rise

As many of you know Steven Curtis Chapman and his family went through a terrible ordeal a while back. They lost their little girl in an accident; the details I will not go into. Losing a child is a terrible thing no matter the age, but losing one so young to me seems almost unbearable.

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How To Lose A Civilization

John Haskins is the former associate director of Massachusetts-based Parents’ Rights Coalition and former proprietor of Underground Journal. The following is a commentary he sent out in an email on May 6, 2010.

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