The Weaker Brother?

I want to share part of a response I received to Friday’s devotional. The respondent shared three possible conclusions we could have towards a brother or sister in Christ who is “in favor of some policy that makes perfect sense to (them), but that I know beyond the shadow of a doubt would have massive horrific unintended consequences.” The conclusions are:

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Beauty Will Rise

As many of you know Steven Curtis Chapman and his family went through a terrible ordeal a while back. They lost their little girl in an accident; the details I will not go into. Losing a child is a terrible thing no matter the age, but losing one so young to me seems almost unbearable.

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How To Lose A Civilization

John Haskins is the former associate director of Massachusetts-based Parents’ Rights Coalition and former proprietor of Underground Journal. The following is a commentary he sent out in an email on May 6, 2010.

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