A Slack Hand Becomes Poor

With the economy and various states working to get their budgets back on track, there is a long overdue look being given to the many entitlement programs at both the federal and state levels. We’ve just learned this week that 1 out of 3 Americans receive some type of federal payout through wages and salaries, Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance. Over the coming months I will be launching a new entity that will address political and cultural issues through a Biblical lens because they are much too involved to cover in a few devotionals much less one.

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Contrary To The Mind of Christ

What are you using to determine truth? I am talking about aletheia truth. In the next few months I will be introducing a whole new, let’s call it an entity for now, that will concentrate on equipping Christians with truth. Let’s us revisit a conversion with our Lord and Pontius Pilate:

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