When Good Men Die

waiting-on-godEvil seems to be winning and it is definitely on the rise. What used to be shameful is today just the ordinary. We shake our heads in disbelief and disgust and wonder what has become of our nation. The late Adrian Rogers once put it best; our nation has lost its ability to blush.

And evil is becoming more and more bold as was evidenced last week in Austin, Texas where abortion supporters were singing praises to Satan to mock Christians. This may be a surprise to some, but this is not something new:

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Hope In God

HOPE-IN-GODYesterday I was delighted to receive a call from a wonderful couple in Missouri whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through a political organization of which I am a member. The Nolands are two of the godliest Christian patriots I know and have dedicated their entire lives to living holy lives and defending our constitutional republic. Judge Janice Noland is passionate about politics and seeing that only men and women of character serve the public.

As we were speaking on the state of our union, Judge Noland ask me, “What can we do about all of this mess?” That’s a good question. Normally I like to start at the root of the problem but I think we need to look at everything from God’s point of view.

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The Very Same Grace

Sufficient GraceDid you ever think you were too bad for God to save? That’s actually a good place to be because you are now ready to receive the grace of God. Last time we talked about the scandal of grace. To receive unmerited favor, getting something you do not deserve, defies human logic. However we can not apply human logic to heavenly love. The chorus from a Rhett Walker Band song titled “Brother” sums up grace nicely:

Brother don’t you know
No one’s too high to fall
No one’s strong enough to make their own way
Brother don’t you know
We’re all just beggars and thieves
In need of the very same grace
The very same grace

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The Scandal Of Grace

Scandal of GraceGrace can almost be considered scandalous. In fact, Hillsong United has a new song out with the same title as this devotional. The Random House Dictionary defines scandal as “a disgraceful or discreditable action, circumstance, etc.; an offense caused by a fault or misdeed; damage to reputation; public disgrace; defamatory talk; malicious gossip; a person whose conduct brings disgrace or offense.”

I want to concentrate on that last definition: “a person whose conduct brings disgrace or offense.” It is said that our Lord Jesus Christ offended many a religious person in His time. He brought disgrace upon them for their burdensome system of works of righteousness when all the while it was grace that would save them. Even in the Old Testament system of sacrifices, one would have to put his or her faith in the grace and mercy of God.

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Never Less Than Adequate

Jer 29-11Sometimes we look around at our circumstances and we become nostalgic for the old days. As I wrote to a young lady feeling nostalgic, “Nostalgia can be fun for an evening of ‘remember when’s.’ However, when we look back, we do so to see from where we’ve come. Then we look forward to see where The Lord is taking us.”

The Babylonian captives no doubt had constant feelings of nostalgia, longing for their beloved Jerusalem and the days of Solomon’s temple. In Jeremiah 29 we find the prophet writing a letter to them exhorting them to build houses relying on the promise that God would rescue them after 70 years. Many a Christian’s life verse is Jeremiah 29:11, but it is wrapped around some heavenly nuggets:

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