Can we know truth? In this postmodern world is it possible to come to an agreement on what truth is? There are some excellent theological and philosophical essays on the subject; just type in “What is truth?” in a search engine and see the possibilities. I like Josh McDowell’s definition of absolute truth:

    “Absolute truth is that which is true for all people, for all times, for all places. Absolute truth is truth that is objective, universal, and constant.”

Most people will not initially agree with the concept of absolute truth so using McDowell’s definition, in Chapter 3 “There Is Absolute Truth” of my book “Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland” I propose:

    “So my question, is there anywhere in the world that I can go and say, walk up to a patron of an outside café, who is a complete stranger, pull out a pistol, put it to his or her head, and pull the trigger? No? Why not? Because it’s murder? You sure? This looks like an absolute truth to me!”

I later propose that even if as a society we do not live by absolute truth we have a sort of morality ruler to measure what is right and what is wrong. It is no coincidence that the first piece of spiritual armor Paul “issues” out is the “belt of truth”:

    “Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness…” (Ephesians 6:14)

The word “girded” gives the sense of securing your garments around you with a belt or wrap of some sort. It was vital for a Roman soldier to have his belt in place to keep his garments out of the way as he prepared for battle. Without his belt he might trip over his robe. Without truth in our lives we too will trip in our Christian walk. We have to be living a life of character, not mere physical strength can protect us. The Prophet Isaiah described the coming Messiah thusly:

    “Righteousness will be his belt and faithfulness the sash around his waist.” (Isaiah 11:5)

The truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what keeps a believer from going astray and following false teachings:

    “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel—which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned!” (Galatians 1:6-9)

And guess which Greek word Paul uses in Ephesians 6:14 for truth? That’s right, aletheia truth…obvious, undeniable truth. The same word Jesus used when He said:

    “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

Why must we know the truth? So we can attain righteousness…in other words we will be right with God. The protective armor of righteousness is the breastplate; it protects your heart.

    “My son, do not forget my law, but let your heart keep my commands; for length of days and long life and peace they will add to you. Let not mercy and truth forsake you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart, and so find favor and high esteem in the sight of God and man.” (Proverbs 3:1-4)

Nothing defeats a Christian any faster than a ruined testimony; a pastor has an affair, a church secretary embezzles church funds; a choir director runs off with the pianist, a Christian politician commits perjury. High is the fall from the heights of righteousness many have fallen.

Protect your testimony above all else. Live in the aletheia truth always and that comes from knowing the Word of God. Protect your heart by living a life pleasing to Jesus. He said if we love Him we will keep His commands.

That will take much prayer for one another.

I shall pray for you.

Thank you for praying for me.

In Christ
Ps. 37:4

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