In the category of YGBKM (“you gotta be kidding me!”), Mitt Romney actually believes his health care plan in Massachusetts is a model for other states.

Um, Mitt, no it’s not…

Your Romneycare is a disaster.

Hey, but let’s not let a few facts slow you down Guvenuh! Roll the tape!!

My brother in Christ Gregg Jackson was out in front of this Romneycare fiasco last summer:

The Failure of Romneycare Further Demonstrates Romney not an “Economic Conservative”

Mitt, you’re not going to be president…give it up. The good people of Iowa and South Carolina, where you spent the most time and money (as Steve Deace has pointed out), rejected you soundly. Apparently they saw through the facade.

With Gregg’s help, we here at Salt and Light saw through the Mitt Romney Deception:

Make Believe Mitt

Conservatives, do not let yourselves get to the point of such desperation that you look to Romney as the savior of the GOP. If you do, the party is doomed.


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